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We’ve helped thousands of medical practice managers and physician owners achieve greater profitability, and helped healthcare organizations around the country better understand and reach their customers.

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Elevate Your Practice

Medical practice management consulting from C & M helps physician practices face their challenges and excel. Clients love our detailed, data-driven, customized, and positive approach to helping them understand their businesses.
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Tap Into Research

Our boutique research services build on our deep experience in medical practice management, to help healthcare organizations of all sizes better understand their markets, plan for growth, and make informed decisions. What do you need to learn?
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Listen In

We’re sought-after speakers who bring original, topical content to medical practice management conferences and webinars. (Click here for a list of upcoming talks.) Plus, our custom seminars and workshops help teams of all sizes reach their goals.
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Invaluable Content

We’re prolific writers for online and offline medical practice management publications  and our own blog. And we create custom content like articles, white papers, and monographs — let us help you take your marketing up a notch.
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