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Getting Bugged?

Patients first.Patients are a priority in every practice, in fact, they are the purpose. So why don't doctors pay closer attention to patient complaints? The top three complaints all have to do with time and these issues can be solved.What bugs patients??1. Waiting more than 1/2 hour in the office2. Waiting too long for an appointment (access)3. Doctor spent too little time with meThese problems can be resolved by setting up realistic scheduling parameters based on the actual time a physician needs with the patient and then starting on time. This will require staff taking the right initiative to have patients and charts properly prepared for the visit. I'm sure you are up for the challenge. After all, you will gain a lot: higher productivity, happier patients, and a better bottom line!Now its your turn.Tell me doctor, what bugs you? I really want to hear from you and will report the results in a future blog. In fact, answer this blog and share your opinion with your peers.Contact Judy Capko, one of America's leading practice management and marketing consultants. e-mail judy@capko.com

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Collections rule the day

It doesn't matter how busy you are if production doesn't turn to revenue - collections rule the day! Here's what you can do to keep the money flowing. First, establish solid financial policies. Put them in writing, communicate your expectations of staff, give them the training and the tools to succeed, and then hold them to the task. It can be done, but your success depends on you giving staff the support they need and paying them what they are worth.Next, review and analyze collection performance. It is wise for the manager and physician to review these reports together each month, compare performance to historical trends and look for hot spots that should be addressed.1. Unpaid claims 2. Aging reports3. Aging by payer class 4. Patient balance report 5. Payer performance reportsAnalysis of these reports should include several months with graphs to identify trends. The trends revealed help you understand how the practice is performing and determine if a change in procedures or policy might improve performance. These actions are essential steps to ensure you are getting paid for what you do. Contact Judy Capko, one of America's best known practice management consultants; www.capko.com

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