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Shabby isn’t Chic!

When was the last time you looked around your office with a critical eye? It may be time to take down those 1980s drapes and silk flowers, and put on a new vibe with cool paints. It doesn't take much to bring your office up to date, but when you fail to do it you look like you are "Stuck in the Past". Your office reception room should look sharp and up to date, and give the feeling of a comfortable room in your home -- Good lighting, good reading, and a sense of friendliness. Get on board and get with the new generation of color and splash for your office. If you don't, your image will be tarnished and your patients just might see you and your practice as old and out of sync. That doesn't say much for you, does it? Get with it - We are 10 years into the new millennium - does your practice show it?  

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What Makes a Practice Great?

The foundation of a great practice begins with leadership that is a paradoxical blend of humility and professional will. The will and unwavering resolve to set a standard and get superior results. Their personal humility is evident in their compelling modesty and calm determination.Most importantly, great leaders channel their ambitions into the practice not themselves. They enthusiastically give the credit to others for what is achieved, but look in the mirror when things don't go right.This is the kind of leader we want to work for. It is the kind of leader we inspire to be.Judy Capko is one of America's leading practice management and marketing consultants and the founder of Capko & Company, www.capko.com

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