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The Physician as a Speaker

Physicians are accustomed to speaking in front of their peers and giving clinical presentations, but don't assume this makes you a good speaker for a general audience.   Beyond practice makes perfect, here are ten tips to take to the podium: Read your audience. Using appropriate humor can: Warm up the audience; Engage the audience; and Help you relax. Stay within your comfort zone – it will expand over time Material and Style. Validate your audience: Ask a question to engage the audience – and occasionally you might say “Do you agree?” if a comment you made was general to the audience – or “I see some of you agree with me” (If you see some yes nods); Thank them for coming; abd When asked a question occasionally  say “that’s a good question”  and repeat the question for the audience before answering (unless the question is asked with a Mic), Modulate voice, adding emphasis when making a point. Avoid overuse of clinical slides for general audience. Tell stories – good ones not horror stories. Use lay language as much as possible. Keep it simple – leave the audience wanting more. Be yourself, but s strive for improvement - and always smile. It makes you a friend of the audience. Go for it and soon you'll be a pro!   Capko & Company your resource for statregic planning, practice management and marketing.

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Master referrals and build a medical practice that rocks!

Mastering referrals is an art and a powerful tool in helping you create the practice of your dreams! Define your perfect patient, the demographics, the type of cases and the kind of patient you  like to treat. Identify  how you can  reach those people and build a solid referral network. Create a marketing plan that nurtures the ideal referral sources and keeps your name front and center. Train staff on the solid principles of mastering referrals:  Probing the patient to ensure you accurately documenting how the patient heard about your practice and tracking it in your practice management system  Provide an outstanding patient experience: an aesthetically attractive and comfortable office;  well dressed professional staff; staff and physicians that make each patient feel special from the time she or he calls the office until the bill is paid in full and everything in between; and thank the patient for choosing your practice. Conduct patient surveys to be sure you are on the mark with delivering an awesome patient experience. Honor and nurture referral sources.  Thank them, ask if they are pleased with your service and find out if there is something else you can do to make sure they are satisfied. Network and be visible throughout your community.  Be grateful and give back: giving of time and resosurces to support the community and causes you believe in. Stay constant in your efforts and measure your progress every quarter.  This will help you build strategies that work and make your practice shine. You can be the master of your practice and build the practice of your dreams!   Capko & Company; experts in medical practice management, strategic planning and medical marketing.

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