On Facebook? Get verified!

If you've been on Facebook a while, either solely as an individual or with a practice business page, you have probably noticed that it's a lot rarer for business page posts to show up in users' newsfeeds. This is a frustrating problem for businesses that previously relied on Facebook to reach their communities with regular updates.  But there is a way to restore a bit of that connection: verifying your page. Not sure if your page is verified already?  If it is, you'll see an encircled check mark next to your page name, like ours has, below. Verifying your page is easy.  Go to "settings, general" and choose page verification. The standard approach is to receive a phone call with a pin code sent to your public number, but this may be unworkable if your practice has a phone tree. So choose the 'verify with documents' option to verify using a business document such as a utility bill or business license.