Leveraging your location to attract staff

If your practice is looking to add new staff, either as replacements due to contagious "Great Resignation" exits or as you contemplate expansion, you're likely facing a tough labor market. Give yourself the best chance of attracting the right people by using all of the assets at your disposal—including presenting your location in its best possible light. Location may not seem like a particularly valuable asset for recruiting staff. Won’t job-seekers simply search for open positions near them? How can location be an advantage when, for most people, the city where they’ll work is a simple yea or nay decision? It’s unlikely staff workers will be lured from far away based solely on the city you’re in, but details about your specific location can make your job more attractive to the candidates looking for work in your community. Here are a few to consider spotlighting: Nearby amenities Many candidates will focus primarily on how far away your office is from their home, not realizing that the surroundings of the workplace can provide a lot of convenience and enjoyment. For example, if your office is close to amenities like a shopping district, promote that. In many locations, cities are working hard to lure businesses to re-energize their downtown neighborhoods--and so are the local businesses that populate these zones. A convenient downtown location can make it easy for staff to pick up essentials or just have a fun break during lunch. Burdensome errands like going to the post office, library, or DMV may be easier and more pleasant to accomplish. An affordable gym nearby can make it possible to squeeze in workouts before or after work. (Maybe you can even negotiate a membership discount for your staff.) And if your office is located near walking paths (or just in pleasant environs for strolling), staff can take advantage of that, too—and get fresh air and exercise during lunchtime for free. Office setting matters, too Is your office in or near a major medical center? Are you surrounded by many medical offices? This can be an advantage for job-seeking healthcare workers. Especially when starting