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Physicians, administrators, and managers trust us to help them with their thorniest business problems — and with their loftiest aspirations. We’ll help you become a top-performing practice without compromising your practice philosophy. We provide objective, data-driven direction and get everyone in the practice working toward the same goals. Patients will receive the best in service, staff will be proud of where they work, and physicians will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment (not to mention a healthier bottom line).  And we do it all with a positive spirit — our goal is to engage your team and give everyone a boost, while providing the objective, data-driven analysis that can help you optimize your practice.

Physician-owners who work with us will tell you that we focus on the specific needs of your practice, are meticulous about the quality of our work, and deliver valuable recommendations you can act on to improve your business immediately.

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Whether you have a specific concern or question, or just want an assessment to understand how to keep your practice profitable, we can help. Every service we provide is customized — if you’re not sure what you need, just ask us.

Concerned that your practice isn’t running at peak performance, but not sure what’s wrong — or what to do about it? Or are you simply wanting to fine-tune your practice to be among the best? A detailed practice assessment — our most requested service — will give you the answers you need. It’s a head-to-toe evaluation of your practice’s business operations: billing, scheduling, workflow, financial management, human resources. We look at competitive positioning, threats, opportunities, and leadership.

Our detailed, customized reports focus on the areas you tell us are most important to you. And they’re filled with practical, prioritized recommendations for how to correct problems and take your practice to greater efficiency and profitability.

The front office technology landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years. But innovations that can help your practice collect more and improve service are easily overlooked. And determining what works within your current EHR and PMS set-up can be daunting.

Let us help. Our front office tech review is a very fast, very affordable way for any practice to understand how well it’s using technology, and to learn what new tools might help quickly improve bottom-line results — and how they fit in your workflow. We’ll take the legwork and complexity off your plate, and give you a plan to use technology to start collecting more and improve productivity immediately.

Health plans continue to get more complex. Reimbursements are flat. And patients are on the hook for more of the cost of care. Are you navigating these changes effectively? Our focused billing review is a fast and affordable analysis of the life blood of your practice business: your billing and collections. It can usually be completed remotely, with detailed results and recommendations in less than a week. And if patient receivables are your primary concern, let us help you find the source of the leaks and give you a patient collections action plan.
Overstaffed? Understaffed? Right jobs, wrong people? Too much overtime? Having the right staff and the right staff structure makes or breaks practice productivity. The C&M team has deep experience managing teams of all sizes, and we’ve worked with practices of virtually every specialty. A staffing review can help you understand how your team roster could be enhanced to improve productivity. And if you need to recruit new talent, we can help with that, too.
As systems continue to improve, we’re able to offer services that focus on analysis of data from your current systems. Whether it’s a review of your compensation structure, physician productivity, or mix of procedures, we can usually complete these projects within 1-2 weeks, without traveling to your office. It’s peace of mind and answers to the business questions that keep  you up at night, at a very affordable price. And you get the ROI-boosting answers you need fast, without disrupting your daily practice workflow.
When the transaction that brings practices under a hospital’s wing ends, some of the most important challenges begin. Capko & Morgan has experience evaluating the performance of newly acquired practices, to help practices and hospital systems alike benefit from their new relationship and work together more effectively.
When you’re ready to set up your own shop, Capko & Morgan can help you.

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