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Writing practice management books and ebooks allows us to share what we’ve learned in our medical practice management consulting projects with you, wherever you are, without leaving our offices. That’s why we love it! Our books are chock-full of real-life case studies, packed with practical ideas, but still easy-to-read. (No dry textbooks here.)

Here are the latest offerings in books and ebooks for physicians, practice managers, and healthcare administrators from Judy Capko and Laurie Morgan.

Laurie’s latest book helps residents and fellows
find the right first job

By popular estimates, about half of graduating residents and fellows wind up dissatisfied with their first jobs, restarting their searches within just a few years.


That’s an estimate that means far too many young physicians are incurring the stress and costs of repeating a job search before they’ve scarcely begun their careers.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

With insightful comments from dozens of physicians from numerous specialties and case studies drawn from her own experience with physician recruitment and retention, Laurie’s lively, readable book is chock-full of tips to make sure your first (or any) job search is a success.

It’s available in both print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and by request from your local bookstore.

The Best-Selling Practice Management Classic Is Back —
and Better than Ever!

Since its first edition nearly a decade ago, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices has been the one book that physician practice owners, practice managers, and healthcare leaders in every setting rely on to help them elevate their practice businesses.

This new third edition is the product of a year’s effort by Judy Capko and her partners at Capko & Morgan. It builds on all the engaging stories in the first and second editions, plus spotlights new challenges like collecting from patients, managing third party billing services, and getting the most from technology. Best of all, this new edition retains the relatable, results-oriented, case-study approach that’s made Secrets such a hit with readers. It’s available in both print and ebook formats.

“Secrets is my favorite, hands-down how-to, Medical Office 101.” — S. McKinney, practice administrator, Gainesville, GA

A Fresh Look at Practice Management:
People, Technology, Profit

What if you could easily attract new patients without spending a dime? What if technology could deliver its biggest payoff by enabling the human touch? And would you believe that patients could take on some of your office workload — and thank you for it?

Could some of your most relied-upon assumptions about practice management be costing you money and stress?

These are the kind of novel — yet very practical — questions that People, Technology, Profit: Practical Ideas for a Happier, Healthier Practice Business explores. And it does it by sharing real-life practice management challenges and successes through engaging storytelling.

“Germane case studies and actionable advice that will help any physician practice thrive in today’s increasingly complex and challenging healthcare environment.” — Mark Deshur, MD, MBA

Designed for Devices: Management Rx eBooks

The Management Rx series was created for reading on a tablet, e-reader, or phone using Amazon’s Kindle software (free in Apple and Google app stores).

Management Rx ebooks are concise and focused on a specific topic. They’re designed to be practical, full of ideas you can act on, and quick to consume. They’re easily read in a sitting or two — at the office, or on the go.

Custom Editions and Bulk Sales

Looking for books for your entire organization? Need a branded, valuable, yet affordable promotion for a trade show or for your sales team?

All of our print books as well as Management Rx ebooks can be customized with logo treatments on the cover and promotion content inside. And our bulk purchases offer great pricing that makes offering a high-value educational product for your team or gift for your customers very affordable. Contact us for more details.


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