Running a medical practice has never been more challenging.

Physicians with independent medical practices want to maintain their practice style and individuality. At the same time, the demands of running a medical practice have changed. Advanced business knowledge is essential to provide superior service and achieve high performance.  Keeping on top of change in technology, payer policies, and patient expectations is essential–and it’s even better to know how to benefit from them.

Enter Capko & Morgan. We can help you become a top performing practice without compromising your practice philosophy. We provide objective, data-driven direction and get everyone in the practice working toward the same goals. Patients will receive the best in service, staff will be proud of where they work, and physicians will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment.  And, we do it all with a positive spirit — our goal is to engage your team and give them a boost, as well as providing the objective, data-driven analysis that can help you optimize your practice.

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Frequently asked questions about practice management consulting:

  1. What types of services does Capko & Morgan provide to medical practices?

    Our most commonly requested consulting services are the Detailed Practice Assessment and the Practice Marketing Assessment and Plan.  The Detailed Practice Assessment involves analyzing all aspects of the practice’s business operations: billing, scheduling, workflow, financial management, human resources.  We also include an introductory examination of practice marketing in the detailed assessment.  The Practice Marketing Assessment is a deep examination of the practice’s current marketing, competitive positioning, threats and opportunities, along with recommendations for how to market two-three years out.Besides these standard assessments, we frequently do detailed analyses of practice operations in one specific area, especially for larger practices.  Areas commonly analyzed include scheduling, workflow, patient service, staffing and compensation, and billing, coding and collections.

  2. How much of my time is required?

    We always want to meet with all providers and staff during our site visits.  To save time and be efficient, we gather information from practice staff beforehand, so that it can be produced with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.  While we try to keep on-site intrusions to a minimum, the assessment is an opportunity for physicians, administrators and staff to share their concerns and observations — the more we hear from you and your team, the more targeted we can be in investigating areas of concern.

  3. What is the cost of a typical assessment?

    Our assessments are priced based on the number of offices and providers and the amount of time and staff resources they require to complete. Our fee for a detailed assessment for a single-site practice within California starts at under $9,000, including one to two days on-site minimum.  We have special, reduced rate options for solo-provider practices as well. We provide extremely detailed, actionable analysis in exchange for our consulting fees — our clients are typically delighted with the value they receive from their investment!