Laurie’s presentation was, as always, entertaining and educational. I can always count on a Laurie Morgan webinar to be the highlight of my week… I know I can count on quality preparation and presentation every time.

Erin Dishong, education manager, ASCENT

Thank you [Laurie Morgan] for your comprehensive webinar on reputation management. I frequently attend the AOA webinars and I can honestly say this was the best one this year. You shared a great deal of helpful information and made me consider reputation management outside of social media and online reviews. I will definitely utilize much of this information.

Tracy McGeorge, MBA, CMPE, Southwest Idaho ENT

I have worked with Capko & Morgan for many years to provide educational content to small medical practices. I have been very pleased with their educational content and services for physicians, medical practice managers, and medical billers. They have provided webinars and written content on a wide range of relevant topics. I look forward to continuing to work with Capko & Morgan and would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Lea Chatham, senior healthcare marketing executive

Capko & Morgan conducted a very thorough evaluation of our 8 Provider Pediatric practice in January 2014…As the owner of this practice, I am extremely pleased with the consultation work provided to our practice by Ms Morgan. She has continued to be supportive to our organization even months after she completed the project and I see her as a long term resource to our practice.

Satish Prabhu, MD, Rainbow Kids Clinic

They were excellent in their diligent approach to understanding how our practice was run and what needed to be repaired. They brought us out of a fog of confusion into an organized road of clarity and direction.

Brent Greenberg, MD, Penn Elm Medical Group

I was immediately impressed with their level of knowledge as it relates to nuts & bolts of practice operations. After completing a simple questionnaire and initial interview with me, they conducted interviews with physicians, key staff, the practice managers, and centralized operational leadership (billing, IT, etc)….

They were able to identify gaps and opportunities and provide best practices…some of which shed light on things that only comes from years of experience and seeing operations in multiple settings. They also provided me with a top-10 priority list, of which we created a plan to complete in 120 days for all….

Pernell Jones, MHA, former hospital group COO

I have worked with Capko for several years. The services always are professional, appropriate for the situation. [Judy Capko] is aware of cost issues and has advised with that in mind. I would heartily recommend Capko & Morgan for medical office practice consulting.

Lewis Kantor, MD, Allergy Care Center