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    Does the phrase "personalize the patient experience" strike fear in your heart? It doesn't have to! One of the best things about our business is that innovation has made it much easier for practices of any size to offer patients more convenient, customized ways to interact with both their clinicians and administration.

    Join Laurie Morgan for this lively, free presentation that will have you thinking of ways you can offer more options and more convenience -- without adding to your or your staff's workload.

    Five Ways to Personalize the Patient Experience -- Without Adding Work

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    In your fast-moving medical practice, do you find decision-making sometimes happens "on-the-fly," and things get done a certain way based on untested assumptions or because "we’ve always done it that way"?  This can lead to less-than-best decision-making -- but the good news is that the data you need to improve your practice could be right at your fingertips (if you know where to look, and what to look for).

    Join Laurie Morgan for this lively webinar to learn:

    • Understand why becoming data-driven is so important to practice improvement.
    • Learn how to nurture a culture of data-driven decision-making.
    • Recognize sources of data that can help you manage better – from inside and outside your practice.
    • Learn ideas for using data to drive practice profitability, set goals, and evaluate opportunities.
    • Understand how to avoid the problem of "garbage in, garbage out" and a few other decision-making tips and tricks!

    This webinar is hosted by AAOE and is free for members. State specialty society members can attend for a reduced rate.  The webinar is sponsored by SRS Health.  Visit this link to learn more and sign up.

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    It's not your imagination: Collecting the full amount due for medical services rendered has gotten steadily more difficult in recent years. Key trends in the insurance industry and in the economy have made the task more difficult, and that's put pressure on the finances of practices and hospitals of all sizes.

    In a new webinar, "Reducing Collection Headaches," Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan will offer practical, proven tips to make collecting more successful and less painful for your organization. Attend this free presentation to:

    • Uncover the factors making collections more difficult than in the past
    • Better understand the patient's perspective -- and how to work with patients to minimize bad debt
    • Explore some ways to prevent avoidable losses and wasted effort
    • Learn how technology and workflow changes can help
    • And more practical collection-related tips and ideas

    Attendance is free!

    Sign up at: https://member.ubmmedica.com/eventcga.php?assetID=1204&eventID=16&referrer=http://www.physicianspractice.com/webinar/reducing-collections-headaches

  • Fri
    8:00 pmAOA-36 Conference: Jazz Up Your Skills in the Big Easy

    One of your physicians' colleagues in a nearby community is closing shop. It seems like a great opportunity to immediately expand without too much work or hassle ... but how can you be confident it's right for you? Will buying that practice next door help you build revenues and negotiate with payers -- or be a costly mistake? Should you buy your competitor's practice simply to avoid someone else moving into your neighborhood? And who should help protect your practice with tasks like pricing, due diligence, and contract review?

    It's easy to find published information about selling a practice to a hospital or larger group. But what if you want to take the leap and acquire a nearby practice to grow? It can be a big step in the right direction -- with smart analysis, choices, and advice. This presentation will give you a leg up on all three.

    This presentation by Laurie Morgan is part of the AOA conference.