Here’s some power tips for creating a staff that keeps your practice at the top of its game.

Know who you are. If you haven’t already done so, develop your mission statement. A mission statement should not be vague nor grandiose. It should describe what your practice is all about. What defines your practice? Is it serving the under served, service beyond expectations, partnering with patients on health style issues or if your a pediatrician could it be to make each patient’s visit fun? Whatever it is you must define and establish methods to make it a reality. This includes getting the entire staff on board on how to live the mission.

Second, create mission-driven job descriptions. Make sure each position has specific responsibilities that support the mission statement, including points of accountability.

Third, make the mission statement part of your hiring process. Whenever you are recruiting for a position in your office your mission statement should be at the helm. Applicants need to understand that living the mission is a job requirement and that they will be held accountable to act in a manner that endorses and supports the mission.

Finally, execute mission training. Have a formal orientation program for new employees that talks about the mission and each staff’s role in achieving the mission. Have an annual “Mission Possible” employee training program each year that includes a review and discussion of the mission and a continuing education seminar on a topic that compliments what is needed to live the mission.

If you do these things and your decisions and actions support the mission, you’ll create a power team that serves the practice well.

Contact Judy Capko, one of America’s best known practice management consultants: www.capko.com

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