Our experience in practice management and hiring of managers and staff at all levels gives us a competitive advantage in recruiting for healthcare organizations. Unlike typical professional recruiters, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in action. We know how to identify the right blend of experience, credentials, personal qualities, and ‘fit’ to help you fill key positions with people who will take your practice or healthcare organization to the next level.

Hire us to fill your administrator, practice manager, billing lead, or other key role and you’ll benefit from:

  • Flat-fee, retainer-based business model. Know what you’ll be paying, and what you’re paying for. And unlike with percentage-based executive recruiting relationships, our fee won’t bias your salary negotiations.
  • Real-life practice management experience. We’ve seen practices up-close-and-personal, in virtually every specialty and every part of the country. We know what qualities are common to successful leaders, and how your practice size, specialty, culture, and goals should influence your hiring choices.
  • Customization. We’re a boutique firm that does recruiting along with other practice management consulting services. We are typically working on only one recruiting project at a time — meaning your project will get all the attention required. And our recruitment services fit perfectly with our practice assessments, coaching, and interim management capabilities.
  • Successful start services. Because we’re practice management experts and not just recruiters, we can help your new hire get off to an excellent start with optional add-ons like six-month goal-setting and 90-day coaching.
  • Free job board. We also offer a free job board where you can post your open positions — regardless of whether you hire us for your recruiting project.