Laurie’s 2018 article for Phreesia’s blog is one of their most popular posts. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to check it out.

It includes time-tested ideas for dealing with the roller-coaster ride that is the transition from the busy-busy fall season to the slowdown in January, including:

  • Identifying the patients who can benefit most from booking services they’ve postponed before the year ends
  • Making sure staff are trained and confident they can explain the pros and cons of booking care before year end
  • Deploying and taking full advantage of all the tech at your disposal that can make it easier for patients to pay
  • Planning to make conscious use of downtime in the spring–whether by increasing patient visits through promotion, using the time for other important tasks you’ve put off, or both
  • There’s still time to make a plan to have your practice business’s best fall/winter season yet.

    If you’d like to discuss more ways to do so–and how we can help–please get in touch!

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