In addition to speaking at a wide range of industry conferences, the Capko & Morgan team designs custom seminar and workshop content for healthcare organizations of all types and sizes.  We specialize in creating original content to help vendors reach and inform their target buying audiences; associations create engaging and relevant conferences; and practices, hospitals and health plans and systems inform and inspire their teams.

Here are some sample topics, any of which can be personalized for your needs.

KNOWLEDGE TO GO – Introducing Brand New Seminar Topics by Team Capko

General Business Management and Entrepreneurship

What Makes a Practice Great? Physicians and administrators have tremendous responsibilities and work hard to achieve top performance.  Yet, some of them just seem to rise above the bar and achieve greatness. This course looks at what it takes to make a practice truly exceptional.

Business Tools for New Doctors Whether striking out on their own, joining an established practice, or hiring on at a hospital system as an employee, doctors need business skills now more than ever before. Yet, most medical training ignores the business side altogether.  Designed for residents and recent medical graduates, this engaging, user-friendly series of seminars provides the tools doctors need to thrive in the modern healthcare business environment.

Business Intelligence: Think Like an MBA Managing a medical practice of any size is complex. Many practice managers and physicians wonder, should I have an MBA? You may not have the time or desire to stop out for graduate school — but you can still learn the basics of how to think like an MBA, and apply those frameworks to your practice.

Becoming a Data-Drive Practice The numbers tell the story. Identify what indicators are required to monitor finances, understand practice performance and make informed decisions.

Strategic Planning – The Blueprint for Your Success Discover what important elements are essential to take strategic actions that will put you in charge of your future.

Workflow and Operations Management

Patient Flow Mistakes Smart Managers Make — and How to Avoid Them  Just as workflow changes that improve efficiency can bring huge rewards, so can changes that backfire cause huge costs! Learn the basics of how to identify where workflow can be improved — and where tinkering can lead to disastrous results.

Financial Management, Billing and Internal Controls

Recruit and Retain Internal Billing Staff  The right billing team can mean the difference between a profitable and unprofitable practice.  Learn the basics of hiring the right performers for this critical role.

Selecting and Managing a Billing Service  Many practices find that outsourcing their billing to a third-party service is more efficient than hiring and training staff. It can be the key to reducing hassles and improving collections — IF you choose and manage wisely.  Learn how from this lively presentation.

Guarding Your Practice: How to Prevent and Uncover Internal Theft  85% of practices report they’ve been victims of embezzlement.  Embezzlers often capitalize on the trusting, family-like atmosphere at medical practices. What’s more, technology has opened the door to more ways for employees to steal from a medical practice.  Learn the signs to uncover thievery in your office — and how to eliminate opportunities for it to occur.

The Power of Revenue Management Finances in the medical practice have changed and it’s time you got paid for what you do! Make the most of your resources to get the money in the bank not on the books!

Common Sense Risk Management Discover the key elements to involving your staff and developing tools to reduce risk inside your practice.

Navigating the Changing Healthcare Environment

The Good Warrior – Surviving the Battle in Healthcare ManagementThis course will give attendees an opportunity to take an inside look at the battlefield of practice management – the stressors, the problems and demands. Attendees will feel renewed and better equipped to handle the battles of managing a practice and dealing with difficult problems.

Changing for the Greater Good The business of medicine is transforming and as it evolves medical practice leaders face many changes.  Accepting change and managing it well is not an easy process and failure is costly. This program provides practical ways to integrate change and improve organizational and financial performance.

Marketing and Public Relations

Internet Marketing and Reputation Management – Simple steps to take control of your online image and marketing – without fear. Learn the basics of an effective (and cost-effective!) practice website, social media, SEO and internet advertising.

Leadership and Human Resources Management

The Leading Edge Learn what it takes to lead a practice to greatness, generate enthusiasm and challenge the entire team to be the best they can be.

Resolving Conflict Learn the anatomy of conflict, how to improve your negotiation skills and ways to resolve conflicts at all levels of the practice.

How to Hire – Who to Fire Learn how to improve your odds with picking the right applicants, identifying if they are making the grade, giving them the tools to succeed and knowing when to cut your losses.

Six Ways to Improve Office Efficiency and Staff Performance Office staff is typically a practice’s biggest expense — and, to patients, staff behavior is an extension of medical care. Medical practices which effectively manage their office staff tend to operate more efficiently, see more patients, have higher patient satisfaction and be more profitable. Learn how to eliminate office bickering and other conflicts and encourage teamwork for better patient service and efficiency.

Top Leadership Tips  Great medical practice leaders are made, not born! Learn how to motivate and lead your staff to make managing your practice easier and your practice more profitable.


Here’s what people are saying about Capko & Morgan presentations …

“It was one of the best Learning Lunches we’ve ever done, in my opinion. The subject can be dry, but you [Laurie] were an excellent presenter who offered a ton of pragmatic advice. You delivered a lot of value.”

–Brian Johnson, Moderator: 4MedApproved Learning Lunch, ‘Tips for Choosing and Managing Outsourced RCM,'” September, 2016

“Laurie’s presentation was, as always, entertaining and educational. I can always count on a Laurie Morgan webinar(session) to be the highlight of my week . . . I know I can count on quality preparation and presentation every time.”

–Erin Dishong, Seminar Manager, Association of Otolaryngology Administrators, June, 2016

“[Joe Capko’s presentation] offered smart, practical ideas … knowledgeable … kept me thinking!!! … A+++ … overall score: 4.7 out of 5.0.”

–Attendee comments, Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM) conference, March, 2015.

“Thank you [Laurie Morgan] for your comprehensive webinar on reputation management. I frequently attend the AOA webinars and I can honestly say this was the best one this year. You shared a great deal of helpful information and made me consider reputation management outside of social media and online reviews. I will definitely utilize much of this information.”

–Tracy McGeorge, Administrator, Southwest Idaho ENT, 2015

“I was very happy to hear that PMI was bringing Judy Capko to our national audience.  I had heard from other PMI program host clients that she was very passionate and exceptionally good.  They were right – she is dynamite!”

–Attendee: Managing Staff Conflict, May 2011

“Amazing, captivating speaker with great insight on what it takes to be a great leader, offering real-life solutions to management problems.”

–Attendee: What Makes a Practice Great, Jan 2010

“Capko was the highlight of this conference – an entertaining presenter that is knowledgeable, and relates well to the audience.”

–Attendee: Growing a Profitable Practice in Any Economy, April, 2010

“The speaker provided tangible evidence on how physicians can take charge of reimbursement and get paid better for what they do. Thank you!”

–Attendee: Get What You Deserve, May, 2010

“Excellent. I now have tools to take back to my office and make a difference.”

–Attendee: Secrets from the Best-Run Practices, July, 2010

“It was very nice to hear you speaking at the Physicians  Practice LIVE webcast in September, 2010. It  was very informative to see your presentation and the Q&A section. The information was so very valuable.”

–Steve Hardie, Massachusetts — attendee, Physicians Practice LIVE

“What  a phenomenal seminar. Judy was a wealth of knowledge and the delivery was exceptional. Attendees were clamoring to have her back.”

–Health Choice University Workshop; Improving Workflow – Yes there is a better mousetrap! Amy McIntosh, Director Practice Support, Health Choice, Memphis, TN

“I just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed your session – in my opinion the best of the whole conference! You were wonderful and full of great tips.”

–ADAM Annual Conference; Strategic Planning – The Blueprint For Your Success, Wendy Brown, CMOE, Administrator; Adult & Pediatric Dermatology, Concord, MA

“Thank you for your excellent talk at the Pri-Med East conference. You were very informative, interesting and thorough. I will be able to use what you taught us right away!”

–Pri Med East; Adding Ancillary Services, Dr. Jody Greenfield; Get Well Medical Care of Long Island, P.C., Babylon, NY

“I was fortunate to hear Judy speak at the Pri-Med Conference in Chicago. She has a passion for her subject matter. Her presentation was packed full of ideas to improve the running of a practice.”

–Manage Your Phones, Donna Weinstock, Consultant; Office Management Solution, Northbrook, IL