Ahhh, January. We’re already six days in, and it’s still hard to believe we’re a week into a brand new year.  Perhaps especially so if low volume has you moving through your days more slowly — and worrying about what your revenue numbers will be at month- and quarter-end.

The January effect on medical practices can be a source of stress, but it’s not too late to do something about it if you’re worried about lower revenue in the first part of the year. In fact, with patients changing up plans and making health-related resolutions, the beginning of the year can offer opportunities for growth, even if the patient financial responsibility features of modern health plans are working against you.

Join me for a fun, fast-paced webinar on January 14 to learn a few tricks to help you improve your volume at the start of 2016. Even if you’ve been caught off-guard and unprepared, there’s still a lot you can do — and the ideas I’ll share are both easy and mostly free.

To sign up (for free!), visit this link at our sponsor Kareo’s website.

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