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Summer’s here! If the change of the season has you thinking about reading ebooks on a beach, a back porch, a dock, or a hammock, we’ve got new reads to fill the bill. They’re engaging reads, with stories of real practices, that are also filled with fresh ideas you can easily implement in your own practice.

Plus, in celebration of Judy’s latest edition of Secrets of the Best-Run Practices (released June 2017), we’ve got a special offer for ebook buyers. Buy both the ebook edition of Secrets and any three ebooks from Laurie’s Management Rx series ($2.99-$9.99 each), and we’ll send you a $5 Starbucks card you can use for the perfect cold (or hot) beverage of your choice.

Here’s how it works:

If you bought any of these items in 2017 and can provide proof of purchase, that works; you don’t have to buy them at the same time.  And if you want to buy the ebooks for someone else (like your practice manager), you can tap into the promotion up to three times.

This promotion runs through Labor Day 2017 — you must purchase both books by then.

Prefer print books?  We’ve got a similar promotion for print books — visit this page.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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