My two newest PracticeLink articles are on a subject that’s top of my mind: burnout (what it is, how to spot it, how to respond, and how to think about it in the context of a job search).

I had the chance to talk to several well-informed, passionate, thoughtful physicians in pulling the piece together. If you’re interested in the subject, I’d love to hear any comments on the article that you care to share.

The second, shorter piece is aimed at physician recruiters. (Is there anything I didn’t say that you’d like to tell them about burnout?)


By the way, I’ve got at least four more PracticeLink features booked this year. I’m always looking for sources. If you’re interested in commenting (and helping out residents and fellows who are starting their job searches), I’d be delighted to speak with you. (I promise it will be painless… dare I say it, even a little fun! Plus you’ll be helping physicians who are just starting out by sharing what you’ve learned so far in your own career.)

Some of the topics I’ll be working on:

  • different ways to practice (cruise ship? overseas? I’ll be looking to learn about any practice settings that are outside the norm of expected physician recruiting)
  • what to look for in a potential employer (beyond compensation)
  • how to shine in your job interviews — from first contact through the interview process
  • what lawyers look for in physician employment contracts

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