We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to work with you, for your support of our books and presentations, and for the work you do keeping patients healthy.

Our Thanksgiving tradition is to make a charitable donation on behalf of our clients and friends.

Usually, we keep the focus on medical organizations. But this year, many of our neighbors in both Northern and Southern California have suffered terribly due to the devastating wildfires at both ends of our state. So we’ve decided to add organizations that provide relief to wildfire victims to our 2018 list, which includes:

American Red Cross – Disaster Relief
California Fire Foundation
GlobalGiving – California Wildfire Relief Fund
Conquer Cancer Foundation

If charitable giving is part of your year-end traditions, we encourage you to give these options consideration.

Resolved: A Prosperous 2019

Every January brings another opportunity for your practice business to have its best year ever. We’re at the ready to help with fresh ideas; new books, webinars, and other content; and customized consulting.

Trends suggest that independent medical practices are poised to resurge and thrive. The challenges that make it more difficult for complex conglomerates to efficiently and profitably provide quality care are becoming very clear. And burnout is a greater risk for physicians in high-pressure, low-control employment situations.

Now is the time to turn your own practice into your ideal employer and your source of pride.

It’s easier and more cost-effective to work with us than ever. If you’re ready to make 2019 the year your practice takes off on a more profitable, more rewarding, less stressful trajectory, let’s talk!

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