If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your medical billing — or switching medical billing services — my upcoming mini-webinar can help.

Eight Questions to Ask When Evaluating Medical Billing Services” will be presented on June 25 at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern, and will last about 30 minutes — a quick hit of knowledge and you’ll be on your way.  This mini-webinar is part of a two-webinar series.  (The second in the series, “Best Practices in Managing Your Third Party Billing Service,” will be presented July 16.)

This mini-webinar is free!  And in addition to arming you with eight pointed questions to help you evaluate prospective medical billing services for your practice, there will be ample time at the end of the webinar for you to ask me your questions about the process of screening and hiring a revenue cycle management partner.

To sign up, visit this page — hosted by our sponsor, Quest Care360.

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