Whether you’ve got the deductible reset blues or have simply resolved to keep your schedule as full as it can be in 2016, I’ve got some ideas to share in my new webinar, Five Tips to Fill the Schedule in 2016.” It’s free (sponsored by Kareo).

Some highlights of what will be covered:

  • Reputation management — why it’s more valuable and powerful than ever, and also easier than ever;
  • The key segment of reputation management that must be your top priority — and most reputation management experts never even mention it;
  • How preventive services can help you cope with the deductible reset this year — and for years to come;
  • How embracing technology can become its own form of (painless) marketing, even as it gives your practice other big benefits.

Of course, if you sign up, you’ll have access to the recording a day or two after the presentation, so don’t hesitate to register even if you think you might not make it for the live presentation. (But I hope you can join us live, because I really look forward to your questions and comments.)

Here is the sign-up link.


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