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    Join Laurie Morgan and ASCENT for a lively, practical webinar on how to maximize productivity and workplace harmony when hiring and on-boarding new clinicians.

    More information here:

    Recruiting and On-Boarding a New Physician or NPP: Setting the Stage for Success

  • Wed
    10:00 amWebinar
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    Handling your own billing, with an internal billing team, can be one of the most effective ways to capture and collect as much of your earned revenue as possible. But to do it right, your team must be strong, dedicated, and well-trained.

    Building a top-notch billing team takes time and effort. Once you've done it, you don't want to lose them! So how do you go about attracting--and holding on to--these crucial employees who make all the difference to your bottom line?

    Join consultants Laurie Morgan and Joe Capko of Capko & Morgan for a lively webinar with fresh ideas on building and retaining your best billing team.

    Hosted by ASCENT. Visit this link for more info and registration.